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Whitehaven Junction Railway

A small independent line, promoted by the Lonsdale interest, connected the existing Maryport & Carlisle Railway  Explain 'Maryport & Carlisle Railway (MCR)' with the town of Whitehaven, a thriving port on the west coast of Cumberland. It obtained an Act of Parliament on 4th July 1844 and was opened throughout in March 1847.
It had a range of rolling stock that was eventually managed as joint stock between itself and the Whitehaven & Furness Junction Railway  Explain 'Whitehaven & Furness Junction Railway (W&FJR)' . It was amalgamated, together with the Cockermouth & Workington Railway  Explain 'Cockermouth & Workington Railway (CWR)' , with the LNWR in 1866, from which date the railways became a microcosm of LNWR practice, though it was entirely isolated from the parent company. The Whitehaven & Furness Junction Railway was purchased by the Furness Railway  Explain 'Furness Railway (FR)' at the same time, and the resultant joint stock was divided between the two companies.