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Sir George Findlay (1829—1893)

Brief Biographical Details

'Spy' Cartoon of Sir George Findlay taken from Vanity Fair 1892
1829Born: 18 May at Rainhill.
Father: George Findlay, stonemason and superintendent of works for George Stephenson.
Mother: Agnes Courtenay, from Ireland.
Education: Halifax Grammar school.
1843Began work as an apprentice stonemason on the Halifax Railway.
1845Worked with elder brother under Mr Thomas Brassey on construction of Trent Valley Railway Explain 'Trent Valley Railway'. Worked on Camden Round House Explain 'Roundhouse' and Houses of Parliament.
1847Married first wife : Annie Adamson
1847-9Promoted Chief Inspector of Mining and Brickwork under Mr Thomas Jones, agent to Mr Brassey, working on the North Staffordshire Railway Explain 'North Staffordshire Railway (NSR)'. Promoted Assistant Engineer under Mr Miles Day, also agent to Mr Thomas Brassey.
1850Appointed Engineer for the construction of the Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway  Explain 'Shrewsbury & Hereford Railway' by Mr Thomas Brassey.
1853Appointed Manager of the Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway by Mr Thomas Brassey. Worked with the LNWR to supply motive power for the Newport, Abergavenny and Hereford Railway.
1862LNWR and GWR take joint lease of the Shrewsbury and Hereford Railway. Mr Findlay appointed by the LNWR as District Manager for Shropshire and South Wales.
1864Appointed by the LNWR as General Goods Manager, based at Euston.
1874Succeeded Mr William Cawkell as Chief Traffic Manager for the LNWR.
1880Appointed General Manager of the LNWR.
1892Received Knighthood in birthday honours list.
1893Died at Edgware.

Source ‘The Working and Management of an English Railway’ Fifth Edition, published 1894.