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The Library comprises a collection of books and periodicals, which can viewed at the Society Study Centre (see Study Centre section of the web site for a downloadable leaflet). A large computer based bibliography of books and periodicals with LNWR references is available in either printed or computer file forms.

The Library List

Download or view the Library List here.

The document is booked marked to help to find your way round.

An LNWR Bibliography

In addition to the library, the Society has prepared a Bibliography of the LNWR. You may download or view this Bibliography for Books and Special Publications here.

Again, the document is booked marked to help you find your way round.

A magazines bibliography is at an early stage of development.

Books for the Library

We are always looking to expand this collection. If you have books or magazines etc., that you can give or loan to the society please give us some details here.


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