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Drawing services from the LNWR Society

Drawing Copy service

Copies of drawings may be purchased from our Drawing Officer. These drawings are primarily those held in our Archives but a number of other drawings from other sources are also included in the list. When ordering, please use the reference number given in the Copy Service Drawing Lists and not those given in the Archive Drawing List.

Drawing List

A list of all drawings available from the Society is now contained in one combined list, designed to make searching much easier. The file is in PDF format, allowing searches by words and phrases using free PDF viewing programs such as Adobe Acrobat. Within the list, the drawings are organised by subject (not by Drawing Number).

L&NWR Society Archive Drawing List.

See prices and ordering.

We are always looking to expand this collection. If you have items that you can give or loan to the society please email the Drawing officer with details usink this link e-mail Drawing officer.