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The Archive Service curates a collection of original material, such as working timetables, rule books, operating instructions, diagram books, postcards, drawings and photographs. To make this collection more accessible, photocopies of many of the items can be purchased. The archive and photocopy lists are available to members in searchable PDF form.

To make the listings more manageable the Archive Catalogue is split into two parts. Part 1 covers Accident Reports to Instructions to Staff, and Part 2 covers Legal Documents to Working Timetables.

The Archive Catalogue

Download or view Part 1 of the Archive Catalogue here.

Download or view Part 2 of the Archive Catalogue here.

The documents are booked marked to help you find your way round.

The Archive Drawings List

Download or view the Drawings List here.

This is a list of the drawings held in the Society Archive. It should not be confused with the drawings lists available from the Drawing Officer, which contain many more drawings for which the Society does not hold the originals.

The list is organised with bookmarks for each subject and sub-groups within subjects to help you find your way round.

Request Copy

This service is only available to LNWR society members.
Make Archive request here.

Download or view Copying and Postage costs for specific items here.

Offer items for archive

We are always looking to expand this collection. If you have items that you can give or loan to the society please give us some details here.


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