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LNWR Society Portfolio No. 9 - LNWR One Man’s Passion

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For practically the whole of his life, Dudley lived in the Altrincham/Bowdon area of the southern outskirts of Manchester. His main interest was Railways and the L.N.W.R. without doubt his favourite with perhaps the CLC and the MSJA coming equal second.
He worked in the Manchester area for the LMS; and then latterly for BR. He served in the Parcels Department at Victoria, Central, London Road and Mayfield Stations. Dudley was a founder member of the LNWR Society holding Membership Card number Two. He was the Society’s first Treasurer and Membership Secretary, a post he held for many years. When he eventually retired from office the committee unanimously decided to invite him to become a Vice President of the LNWR Society. He accepted this position with enthusiasm.
Dudley had many other interests, even embracing politics and standing for election in the local council. In more recent times he and his wife Florence purchased an ex-railway cottage at Low Gill on the LNWR mainline in Cumbria. There on the edge of the Lake District they spent many happy holidays.

Portrait of  Dudley He was a Member of several other Societies including the Manchester Locomotive Society, Stephenson Locomotive Society and Industrial Locomotive Society. In these he took an active part, always describing himself as a ‘railway lover’ and not really a ‘gricer’ or a ‘train timer’. He was a great believer in railways as a means of transport and very much deplored their decline.
Dudley was of a friendly disposition and his most enduring quality was the way in which he would share his unique knowledge of all things L.N.W.R. with anyone who cared to approach him. He was a man of the highest integrity and moral character and his death on 3rd July 1988 left a void in many peoples lives.