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Be proud of your LNWR Society membership. Use these items to quietly promote the Society among your friends and colleagues.

    LNWR Society Badge
Description The LNWR crest on enamelled lapel badge.
Price £2.50    

Society Mug   LNWR Society Mug
Description Refreshment room with the LNWR Crest on a white china mug.

Due to packing problems, these are not available mail order.
Price £3.50    

Society Tie   LNWR Society Tie
Description The LNWR Crest on a black tie.
Price £8.50    

    Journal Binder
Description Black ‘Cordex’ binder. Preserve your copies on the Journal in these sturdy binders. LNWR Society on the spine. Will hold 12 issues - one whole volume.
Price £7.50    

    Journal Back Issues
Description Back numbers of the Journal are available, but some issues sell out quickly. For availability and mail order information, consult your Members' Newsletter or email the Distribution Officer.
Price £3.50 excepting
Vols 1-4 �2.50.

For mail order information please email the Distribution Officer.

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