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LNWR Staff History - Introduction

We aim to present the Life, Work and Times of the Staff on the Premier Line. Over time we hope to build up a comprehensive list of staff members with information on their work and placements. We also hope to present useful background information that helps to “flesh out” those people’s lives. There is still a very long way to go before we cover the majority of the LNWR staff. So if you have information, that we could include in the Webb site please contact the WebbMaster using te link below.
The society has produced a Staff History Research Guide which is aimed at anyone wanting to research their family history where they think that a family member was employed by the LNWR or for researching staff employed in particular departments of the Company. Its scope covers primarily LNWR records, although mention is made of constituent and joint company records and those of the LMS after 1923, but it excludes census and other non-railway records.
Do please note however that the LNWR employed about 80,000 people at its peak and so over its existence from 1846 to 1923 must have employed several hundred thousand staff altogether. It is unlikely therefore that records of all of these employees still exist.

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Staff Circulars

Men’s Salary, Wages and terms and conditions of Work.

WW1 Roll of Honour

Including 3,700 staff, with their job grade and location. Also a brief summary of the contribution the LNWR made to the war effort.


the Staff Records.

Staff History Research Guide

A seven page guide into researching family members who worked for the LNWR.