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Roll of Honour
Listed Job Grades

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These are the Job Grades listed in the Roll of Honour, listed into alphabetical order. The number in brackets is the number of men listed with that grade.

*   *
2nd Officer (1)2nd Steward (1)3rd Engineer (2)4th Engineer (1)
Apprentice (25)Artizan's Labourer (6)Artizan's Labourer (Engineering) (1)Ashpan-raker (1)
Assistant to Running Supt. (1)Audit Inspector (1)Badge Porter (4)Ballast Flagman (4)
Ballast Guard (2)Bank Rngr., Assistant (1)Bank Tender, Assistant (1)Beckman (1)
Blacksmith (1)Boat Porter (1)Boatbuilder (1)Boatman (2)
Boiler Attendant (1)Boiler Maker (3)Boiler Maker, Apprentice (2)Boiler Man (1)
Boiler Washer (4)Booking Clerk (23)Booking Clerk, Junior (4)Boots (hotel) (1)
Boy Labourer (10)Boy Labourer, Temporary (2)Brass Finisher (7)Brass Polisher (1)
Break Van Cleaner (2)Brick Archer (2)Brick Archman (1)Brick Setter (3)
Bricklayer (6)Bricklayer's Improver (1)Bridge Painter (17)Cabin Boy (4)
Call Boy (2)Caller-off (26)Canal Labourer (1)Cannon (1)
Capstanman (33)Captain (1)Carboner (1)Carman (37)
Carman, Junior (4)Carpenter (11)Carpenter's Improver (1)Carriage Cleaner (145)
Carriage Cleaner & Relief Examiner (2)Carriage Examiner (1)Cart Boy (4)Cartage Foreman (1)
Carter (87)Carver (1)Cashier (2)Casual Quay Porter (1)
Cattle Porter (1)Cellarman (1)Cellarman, Assistant (2)Chain Examiner (1)
Chain Horse Boy (1)Chargeman Lab. (1)Chargeman's Assistant (4)Checker (60)
Checker (Goods) (1)Chef (1)Chemist, Assistant (1)Chief Engineer (4)
Chief Steward (3)Claims Inspector (1)Cleaner (2)Cleaner (Loco.) (242)
Cleaner (Loco.), Temporary (1)Cleric (5)Cleric, Junior (2)Clerk (428)
Clerk (Accts.) (2)Clerk (D.S.O.) (2)Clerk (Dining Cars) (1)Clerk (Parcels) (1)
Clerk, Junior (49)Cloakroom Clerk (1)Cloakroom Porter, Junior (1)Coaching Shunter (2)
Coachmaker (19)Coal Tipper (3)Coal Trimmer (7)Controller, Assistant (1)
Cook (4)Cook (Dining Cars) (2)Cook (Dining Sin.) (1)Core Maker (1)
Coupler (1)Crane Attendant (10)Crane Boy (1)Crane Driver (4)
Crane Youth (1)Craneman (1)Crockery Sorter (3)Deck Boy (1)
Deckman (1)Depotman (4)Detective (4)Dining Saloon Attendant (13)
Dock Gateman (2)Draughtsman (8)Draughtsman, Junior (2)Drop Hammer Attendant (1)
Electrical Fitter (2)Engine Cleaner (2)Engine Fireman (1)Engineer's Boy (1)
Examiner (2)Extra Driver (1)Extra Engineman (5)Extra Gang Labourer (3)
Extra Porter (2)Finisher (8)Fire Carrier (2)Fire Dropper (6)
Fireman (100)Fitter (48)Fitter's Apprentice (2)Fitter's Assistant (1)
Fitter's Labourer (2)Fitter, Apprentice (5)Flatman (6)Foreman (4)
Foreman Shunter (2)Foreman Ticket Examiner (1)Foreman's Clerk (2)Forgeman (4)
Fuel Clerk (1)Fuelman (10)Furnaceman (1)Galley Boy (1)
Ganger (3)Gas Filler (1)Gas Fitter (1)Gas Fitter, Apprentice (1)
Gas Maker, Assistant (1)Gas Plant Attndnt (1)Gateman (1)Glazier (1)
Goods Guard (10)Goods Porter (325)Goods Porter, Junior (27)Grabman (1)
Greaser (5)Ground Frame Point Cleaner (1)Ground Frame Pointsman (2)Guard (2)
Hamper Maker (1)Hamper Repairer (1)Handyman (4)Head Shunter (8)
Head Stoker (3)Helper (2)Hoistman (1)Hotel Porter (1)
Hydraulicer (1)Inside Painter (1)Joiner (10)Joiner's Improver (1)
Joint Maker (3)Joint Maker's Assistant (1)Junior Assistant (1)Junior Assistant Cntrollr. (1)
Kitchen Porter (Dining Cars) (2)Labeller (1)Labourer (424)Labourer (Carrage) (1)
Labourer, Temporary (7)Lad (1)Lamp Attendant (1)Lamp Boy (1)
Lampman (4)Lampman & Point Cleaner (7)Lampman, Assistant (1)Lampman, District (3)
Lampman, Junior District (2)Laundryman (3)Lead Stoker (1)Lifter (2)
Linen Attendant (1)Linesman, Assistant (2)Loader (53)Machineman (1)
Machinist (11)Marine & Dock Supt. (1)Mason (2)Menu Printer (Dining Cars) (1)
Messenger (27)Messenger, Junior (2)Milk Porter (2)Millwright (1)
Mole Catcher (1)Motor Bus Conductor (2)Motor Driver (2)Motor Parcel Van Driver (2)
Motor Parcel Vanman (2)Moulder (4)Numbertaker (41)Numbertaker, Junior (4)
Office Porter (2)Office Porter, Junior (1)Office Youth (4)Officeman (1)
Oiler (1)Ordinary Seaman (2)Outdoor Assist. (1)Page (1)
Page (Dining Cars) (20)Paint Cleaner (1)Painter (51)Painter (Engnrng) (1)
Painter, Apprentice (3)Pantry Boy (1)Parcel Clerk (13)Parcel Clerk, Junior (1)
Parcel Porter (41)Parcel Porter, Junior (11)Parcel Porter, Leading (2)Parcel Porter, Temporary (2)
Parcel Post Porter (4)Parcel Van Boy (5)Parcel Vanman (9)Passenger Guard (1)
Pavior (1)Platelayer (1)Plateman (1)Plumber's Improver (2)
Plumber, Apprentice (1)Point Oiler (1)Policeman (6)Polisher (1)
Porter (155)Porter & Relief Signalman (6)Porter (Hotel) (2)Porter Carter (2)
Porter Clerk (1)Porter Goods Guard (43)Porter Guard (2)Porter Shunter (4)
Porter Signalman (5)Porter, Junior (58)Porter, Temporary (10)Probationer (7)
Prom. Apprentice (1)Pupil (1)Purser (1)Quartermaster (2)
Quay Porter (3)Rammerman (1)Receiver (1)Relief Clerk (2)
Relief Planeman (1)Relief Porter (9)Relief Porter & Porter Goods Guard (1)Rent Collector (1)
Repairer (1)Resident Engineer (1)Rivetter (1)Rivetter's Imprvr. (1)
Road Motor Attendant (1)Road Motor Crtr. (1)Road Motor Driver (3)Ropeman (2)
Rough Painter (3)Rubber (7)Saddler (2)Sandman (2)
Sawyer (7)Sawyer, Assistant (1)Scaffolder (4)Scrap filer (1)
Seaman (15)Searcher (1)Sheet Repairer (18)Sheeter (10)
Shunt Horse Driver (2)Shunter (28)Signal Box Lad (5)Signalman (11)
Smith (3)Solicitor (1)Stableman (25)Stableman, Junior (2)
Stamper (2)Station Master (1)Stationer, Assistant (1)Steam Raiser (1)
Steel Moulder (1)Steward (5)Storekeeper (1)Storeman (1)
Stores Assistant (1)Stores Counterman (2)Storesman (5)Striker (19)
Stripper (1)Sub-Ganger (10)Sub-Manger (1)Sub-Station Attendant, Assistant (1)
Tableman (2)Telegraph Clerk (3)Telephone Attendant (11)Telephone Attendant, Junior (3)
Thirdman (16)Ticket Collector (11)Ticket Collector, Junior (1)Ticket Examiner (2)
Ticket Examiner, Junior (1)Ticket Printer (2)Timber Loader (2)Time & Store-keeper (2)
Time Taker (1)Timekeeper (6)Timekeeper, Junior (3)Tipper (1)
Tracer (4)Traffic Clerk (1)Traffic Clerk, Junior (1)Train Recorder (1)
Train Reporter (1)Train Reporter, Junior (3)Trav.Auditor, Assistant (1)Trimmer (11)
Trip Shunter (2)Tube Cleaner (4)Tube Cleaner, Temporary (1)Tuber (5)
Tuber's Assistant (3)Turner (1)Under Shunter (12)Underman (82)
Usher, Assistant (1)Valet (1)Vanboy (7)Vanguard (11)
Vanman (8)Vansetter (29)Wagon Sorter (1)Waiter (4)
Washer-out (2)Watchman (4)Weighbridgeman (7)Wheelwright (1)
Wireman (1)Workshop Checker (5)Yard Sweeper (2)Yardman (8)
Youth (2)   
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