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  • Mystery Number 43 – supplied by anonymous

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    The occasion, time (5th October 1910) and location (Euston) are all known. The engine is an unidentified Precursor. The question is did the LNWR often run trains where the engine was so highly decorated?

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  • Christopher Hill — 10-Jul-2005 5.00 PM
    This tickled my fancy and lead to (for me) an interesting little diversion…
    The name Mazawattee was invented by John Boon Densham in 1887, it combined two Far Eastern words for ‘luscious garden’ (Oxford DNB)
    On the 7thMay 1904 The Herald reported a record tax cheque written by Mazawattee Tea Company, Ltd., representing 5,151,746 lbs of tea (The Herald)
    And New Cross are still proud of the Mazawattee buildings (Lewisham Council)
    Alan Budge — 09-Oct-2006 10.03 PM
    The answer to your question has to be no. All the flags and plaques are much too clean. There are no tears or flies. Even in 1910 good old common sense would prevail and not allow it. What would today’s HSE think? This is definitely a staged photograph.
    Howard Williams — 04-Nov-2008 4.45 PM

    I don't know how often they decorated their engines but the Euston occasion wasn't unprecedented. The inaugural train on the "missing link" between Brynmawr and Nantyglo featured a beautifully clean and highly decorated coal tank (no. 2458) running bunker first from Brynmawr.

    See Tasker, Merthyr, Tredegar & Abergavenny and Branches page 35.

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