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  • Mystery Number 257 – supplied by Karen Perry

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    Below is a photo of my grandfather, William Stanley Bickley, in his signal box. Sorry itís not a very good photo but I am hoping someone can help me identify where the box is, or was, situated. Iím told the box is an LNWR design and is possibly on the Bolton to Leigh line. As far as I know grandad was a railway worker from 1912 to 1948 (see 3rd photo). He was born in Chester then moved to Hindley where he became a railwayman. In the late 1920s he moved to New Bury, Farnworth. I understand he worked in the Fletcher Street, Bolton cabin but I donít think this photo was taken there.

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  • David Blower — 10-Oct-2019 6.15 PM
    The fist two letters of the name may be 'H' and 'O', could it be (one of) the boxes at Howe Bridge?
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