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    Obviously it is an LNWR Coal Tank in LMS days on a motor train. But what is the date, the location, and the service the train is performing.

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  • Tom Robertson — 04-Dec-2017 11.35 AM
    7710 was allocated to Willesden in 1945 although I’m guessing 1930s for the photo date. Could this be the Brighton side of Clapham Junction with the train an East Croydon to Willesden Junction service. I don’t think there was electric third rail on these through lines between the LNWR and Brighton systems used mainly by transfer goods traffic, but I’m unsure on this point.
    David Garland — 04-Dec-2017 1.11 PM
    I would suggest that the location is Clapham Junction, with the train in the present platform 16. The elevated “A” box on the former LSW side is visible in the background, and the scalloped awnings are typical of LBSC stations in the London suburbs (they may well still be there today).
    The service must be from the West London line, but I‘ll leave it to others to give more details.
    John Barratt — 04-Dec-2017 6.51 PM
    Clapham Junction ?
    Gareth Spencer — 13-Dec-2017 5.21 PM
    The service shown was that between Willesden Junction (Low Level) and Clapham Junction, which presumably commenced on 1 May 1922 and continued until October 1940. The Willesden Junction (Low Level) to Victoria (LBSC) and Willesden Junction (Low Level) New/East Croydon services that were in operation from 1 February 1872 and 1 May 1875 respectively, had been withdrawn as from 1 October 1917. The East Croydon service was re—instated on 1 May 1922 (one train only) and finally withdrawn from Monday, 4 March 1929 (in practice the last train ran on Saturday, 2 March 1929), I have assumed that the service post-war was for parcels traffic. This information comes from ‘The West London Railway and the W.L.E.R.’ by Borley and Kidner, published by the Oakwood Press.
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