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  • Mystery Number 258 – supplied by Peter Skellon

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    The photo shows a steam crane at Crewe Works taken some time between 1923 and 1939. The crane driver, 2nd from the left of those standing on the crane, is Henry Potts - re-started with the LNWR at Crewe in this role in 1901 (hed been an apprentice fitter in 1884) and retired about 1938/39. The query is - does anyone know more about the crane and its use, and why there appears to be office staff amongst the group?

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  • Tom Robertson — 10-Feb-2020 12.01 PM
    The jib looks rather lightweight for a breakdown crane. Could it be for use by another department, maybe Permanent Way, or Signalling & Telegraph? I believe signalling equipment was manufactured at Crewe.
    William Ball — 19-Feb-2020 10.18 PM
    If it's a prototype of a new model of crane, the group could be made of the those who designed it, built it and would man it. I just wonder why it is lettered LMSR, rather than simply LMS.
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