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  • Mystery Number 249 – supplied by Philip Millard

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    Philip comments :-
    "George V " class 4-4-0 No. 2291 "Gibraltar" poses in front of a signal cabin - where?
    The signal cabin is a comparatively uncommon Type M, and has a brick chimney.

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  • Gary Wells — 04-Apr-2018 9.25 AM
    Double height base with a chimney; might it be: Hillhouse No.2 Red Doles lane, Huddersfield.
    Peter C. Scott — 04-Apr-2018 10.34 AM
    My only comments concern the painting of the Signal Box. The Light Buff is rather dark; the Dark Brown is rather light; and the White [around the windows] is non—existent! The Brown was characteristically liable to fading — Maroons are better for this. And do I remember very faded CLC Browns in the early fifties! Sorry, that’s all I can add just now.
    Harry Jack — 04-Apr-2018 9.28 PM
    Worry not, Peter. Painting styles changed from time to time and from place to place. Maybe not painting the window frames white was simply a WW1 thing — but then again, who can say?
    Some LNWR ‘experts’ insist that you can’t say ‘signal box’ — it has to be ‘signal cabin’. But then they’ve obviously never actually looked into the actual LNWR records, where both terms are used. So maybe signal boxes sometimes, somewhere, were painted in other ways than the usual version.
    Gary Wells — 07-Apr-2018 2.35 PM
    This is Hillhouse No 2 [Huddersfield] viewed from the north. Over the photographer’s right shoulder is Hillhouse shed. To front of the cabin are: south up fast, south down fast, north up slow and north down slow. The [double] junction diverging to the right forms part of the up/down goods [avoiding ?] lines which passed behind Hillhouse shed splitting at Hillhouse No .4 to make the up/through and slow ditto the down lines, serving the goods and coal yardshere and rejoining the main lines at Hillhouse No 1 with the bi—directional ‘fifth line’ on the viaduct serving the goods yard and warehouse behind the station. Even in its twilight years it was a busy and exciting place for a young strapper to while away his time.
    Harry Jack — 08-Apr-2018 10.39 AM
    Nice work, Gary!
    Maybe the white-painted window frames have turned grey because of smoke from the nearby engine shed.
    Peter’s mention of the CLC has reminded me that during or just after WW2 I saw signal boxes on that line painted all—over khaki. I think Glazebrook West Junction was one of them.
    Gary Wells — 15-Apr-2018 12.20 PM
    They say picture paints a thousand words and I maintain works and mill chimneys —to say naught of a power station, a gas works and an ICI— will undo the work of any painter in short order. This link to Britain from above will give you some idea of the source of the ‘weathering’ environment. To the left of the top/centre chimney is Hillhouse No.1 and to the right the LNWR coaling stage and the shed is extreme right. Hillhouse No. 2 is out of shot further to the right.
    Link to photo on Britain from Above
    Note the lack of vegetation on the embankment and the distinct absence of boskage in the area; a feature much changed today.
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