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  • Mystery Number 241 – supplied by Ted Talbot

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    On the back of the print is written: ‘NSR 0-6-0 67 + LNWR 2-4-0 on Yarmouth — L‘pool (Lime St) at Nott’m Midland (plat 5) c 1928’
    This seems authentic. But on investigation the NSR 0-6-0 was renumbered 2340 by the LMS in 1923, and the LNWR ‘Big Jumbo’, which seems certain to be 867 DISRAELI (the nameplate has eight letters and appears to end in ‘I’, and no other name will fit) was scrapped in August 1915. It seems to be in plain unlined black which would indicate it was repainted after the First World War broke out in September 1914.

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  • Philip Millard — 09-Nov-2017 8.17 AM
    Something wrong here! My understanding is that the Liverpool-Cromer service only started on 9 July 1923.
    Perhaps the invisible train is some kind of excursion.
    Godfrey Stuart — 10-Nov-2017 1.11 PM
    Not having seen the original and Judging by the observations that you give, is it possible that there is a confusion over the date. In the old days the number “0” zero was written with a diagonal bar whereas the letter “O” did not.
    If this the case then the date would be 1920
    Alternatively the Eight could be a badly written three which would make it 1923.
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