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  • Mystery Number 233 – supplied by Ted Talbot

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    Everything you can tell us about this one !

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  • Philip Millard — 18-Jul-2017 12.55 PM
    The loco on the right, and the coaches far right, look like LYR to me. Otherwise I don’t have a clue.
    Mike Williams — 18-Jul-2017 8.51 PM
    I have seen a blow up of this somewhere else but never seen the full picture. Is it GER? Cattle wagons looks to be. Loco has a stovepipe chimney. Coaches could be L&Y, or GER.
    Mike Williams — 26-Jul-2017 7.32 PM
    A Great Eastern friend (who has just joined the LNWRS, so there is hope for him) has suggested looking north from Temple Mills, GER. Any of our usual ferrets able to confirm that?
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