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  • Mystery Number 231 – supplied by Ted Talbot

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    This postcard has ‘POST CARD’ printed on the back but no information other than the engine number, 5102.
    The engine is ‘Whitworth’ or ‘Waterloo’ or ‘6ft Jumbo’ or ‘Small Jumbo’ LMS No.5102 Cuckoo.
    But what is the train, where is it and when?

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  • Peter Scott — 19-Jun-2017 10.29 AM
    First thought [don’t fully know why!] — the Cumbrian Coast Line — the single line section — that telegraph pole looks rather close to the line?
    Matthew Shield — 19-Jun-2017 9.08 PM
    I think this train might be approaching St Bees from the South. I have seen a contemporary photo of “Cuckoo” at Seascale, a few miles to the South.
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