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  • Mystery Number 227 – supplied by John Alsop

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    Centre piece of this scene is an unidentified coal engine together with what may be an 18" goods approaching the tall signal on the right. On the left is a grand array of glasshouses with half a dozen or so furnaces to provide heating. These would almost certainly have been coke fired so no siding for coal delivery. (Coal made the glass too dirty). I cannot even guess what part of the country this might be. A lovely scene which needs to be identified.

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  • Harry Jack — 11-May-2017 2.23 PM
    This one is very difficult; so many clues, but despite peering at a lot of OS 1-inch maps I still cannot locate it.
    The date is after 1902 because the nearer loco has a middle bufferbeam lamp, and we are looking more-or-less north because the short shadows indicate a nearly overhead sun. On the LNWR - or a joint line where the LNWR supplied the signals - with the northbound double-track curving gently to the east. The long group of houses and other buildings behind that vast array of glasshouses, and the trees beyond, should make for a positive identification, but I'm stumped.
    Gary Wells — 22-May-2017 5.01 PM
    One step forward. The prominent range of glasshouses -front and centre- are mobile. What looks like fence rails are actually elevated monorails and the glasshouse -suspended on wheels- can be pulled toward the viewer without the current crop getting Trampled Under Foot. This means: if you are looking to match an image the glasshouses may be a hundred foot nearer the railway. Large glasshouse spreads such as these suggest Beds. or Herts to me. There was a supplier of this style of glasshouse in Tottenham -W. Duncan Tucker- who delivered your (big) glasshouse to the nearest railway yard, packed flat of course.
    The double set of telegraph wires could give weight to Harry's suggestion to a joint line.
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