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  • Mystery Number 226 – supplied by John Alsop

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    Robert Benson again, this time on a turntable. Picture is anonymous and undated, but possibly from the time 2176 was working Bletchley-Oxford.
    Where is the turntable located?

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  • John Barratt — 23-Apr-2017 7.04 PM
    From the OS maps, Cambridge - courtesy of the National Library Scotland Website, digitised Mapping. They haven't completed digitising all the sheets yet, but are a good way through the process.
    Reg Instone — 24-Apr-2017 9.49 AM
    Yes, it all matches. Photo of the LNWR goods yard at Cambridge, taken from the end of Hills Road overbridge, with the LNWR engine shed out-of-shot to the left. Looking past the cattle pens with the white-painted fence, to the fenced coal yard and beyond what I take to be the LNWR stables. There were 3 sidings between the cattle pens and the coal yard /hand crane, but they're not obvious in the photo. There also appear to be further coal heaps to the right of the view.
    In the top RH corner is Hallack & Bond's malthouse, which had a private siding. The main goods shed, and the Brooklands Avenue entrance to the yard, are off to the right.
    I don't have Bill Simpson's book to hand. Is there anything relevant in that?
    Incidentally, the washing on the line belongs to the row of 5 cottages which were situated at the approach to the cattle pens, below the slope of Hills Road and (again) out-of-shot to the right. I am not sure whether they were LNWR cottages, but somewhere there must be a plan with the Co's boundary marked.
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