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7mm Scale Carriages

7mm Scale Carriage Products

These are the 7mm carriage kits known to us at the moment.

D310 Corridor 3-Compartment Brake Third SideLines
D134 Corridor Composite SideLines
D264 Corridor Third SideLines
D95 Corridor First SideLines
D127 Corridor Brake First SideLines
D208 Corridor Tri-composite Brake SideLines
D285 50ft Third SideLines
D182/286 50ft Composite/Third SideLines
D336 50ft 6-Compartment Brake Third/Second SideLines
D338 50ft 5-Compartment Brake Third/Second SideLines
D110/183 50ft First/Composite SideLines
D214 50ft Corridor Tri-composite Brake SideLines
D373 50ft Full Brake SideLines
D207 57ft Elliptical Roof Corridor Tri-composite Brake SideLines
D133 Elliptical Roof Corridor Composite SideLines
D312 Elliptical Roof Corridor Brake Third SideLines
D125 Elliptical Roof Corridor Brake First SideLines
D313 Cove Roof Corridor 4-Compartment Brake Third SideLines
D210A Cove Roof Corridor Brake Composite SideLines
D210 Elliptical Roof Corridor Brake Composite SideLines
D126 Cove Roof Corridor 4-Compartment Brake First SideLines