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Press Digest
No 40

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Press Digest No 40
Item Reference
641The August 2008 issue of The Railway Magazine includes a photograph of the partially dismantled Lichfield Trent Valley signal box taken on June 10th 2008. Built by the LNWR in 1911 to it is type 5 design, the superstructure and frame were removed on June 7th 2008 and the remainder demolished a week later.
The Railway Magazine. Vol 154 No 1,288 – August 2008
642Ordsall Lane”. Three photographs 'behind the scenes' at Ordsall Lane, Manchester, in 1954.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol 17 No 11 – August 2008
643Coronation Days”. A 6-page photo feature about Coronation Pacifics on ex-LNWR lines in BR days.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol 17 No 11 – August 2008
644Much Ado About Nothing (as it turned out)”. Article by Philip Atkins. A 7 page article outlining the ultimately abortive attempt by the Government, in 1917, to direct the railway companies to formulate a range of national standard locomotives. Interestingly, whilst the drawing offices of the likes of the CR, GN, GWR and MR produced designs, the LNWR did not participate.
Backtrack. Vol 22 No 8 – August 2008
645Sir William Tite and Railways” (Part 1) . Article by Gordon Biddle. Seven pages and 11 photographs, 4 in colour. William Tite was a highly successful Victorian architect, business man, MP and public figure. This article charts his professional career with particular reference to the building of the railways, including the Lancaster and Carlisle and the joint station at Carlisle.
Backtrack. Vol 22 No 9 – September 2008
646The North Wales Coast Line Revisited”. A 4 page feature of 11 colour photographs of steam in the 1960s. Familiar scenes and plenty of ex LNWR infrastructure to spot.
Backtrack. Vol 22 No 9 – September 2008
647Tebay No.2 signal box”. A 2-page feature (3 photos) about the 'new' LMS-built Tebay No.2 box.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol 18 No1 – October 2008
648Out in the 'Mid-Day Scot'”. A 2 page feature with 5 colour photographs of Princess Royal and Coronation class Pacifics in the 1950s and 1960s. The origins of this train go back to The Corridor of the LNWR and as ever there is ex LNWR infrastructure on view.
Backtrack. Vol 22 No 10 – October 2008
649The Development of the Large British Passenger Tank Engine” (Part 2: Variety – The Spice of Life) . Article by Michael Rutherford. Part of a series, this is a 10 page article with 19 photographs, some in colour. Of particular interest is the development of Douglas Earle Marsh’s superheated 4-4-2Ts on the LB&SCR and the locomotive exchange with the LNWR in November 1909, running on the Sunny South Express. The article also briefly covers the development of passenger tank engines under Webb, Whale and Bowen Cooke, culminating in the latter's 4-6-2Ts which were influenced by the afore mentioned exchange. There is a colour photograph of Watford tank, LMS no. 6926 and two in black and white of 4-6-2Ts.
Backtrack. Vol 22 No 10 – October 2008
650Sir William Tite and Railways” (Part 2) . Article by Gordon Biddle. Six pages, 9 engravings/photographs and a list of sources. This part covers, inter alia, Sir William’s involvement with Liverpool Lime Street. Included are a contemporary engraving of the Lord Nelson Street entrance block of 1849 and a photograph of what remained in 1970. The previous part is Press Digest reference 645.
Backtrack. Vol 22 No 10 – October 2008
651Focus on the Britannia Pacifics.”. Article by David Idle. Two pages containing 5 colour photographs. Most are taken on the ex-LNWR main line.
Backtrack. Vol 22 No 11 – November 2008
652Southern Gone West: The Bodmin & Wadebridge Line.”. Article by David Thrower. Ten pages of history. Did we know that the ex-LNWR sleeping car DM198932 was at Wadebridge in the BR period to serve as an overnight hostel for enginemen?
Backtrack. Vol 22 No 11 – November 2008

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