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Press Digest
No 15

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Press Digest No 15
Item Reference
210Some Recollections of Pant and Dowlais”. Article by Alistair V Phillips. 1 page, map. The author lived near the ex LNWR Merthyr to Abergavenny line on the 1950’s.
The Welsh Railway Archive. Vol.3 No.4 – November 2001
211Prince of Wales and the Abergele Accident”. Article by Alfred Rosling Bennett. Photography by Ernest W. Twining. 2 pages including colour plate of the locomotive in green livery by This is a reproduction of the story of the accident in August 1868, reproduced from the book by Alfred Rosling Bennett “Historic Locomotives and ‘Moving Accidents’ by Steam and Rail” published by Cassell in 1906.
The Welsh Railway Archive. Vol.3 No.4 – November 2001
212A Newport (High St.) Puzzle”. Article by Chris Gwilliam. 2 pages, photograph of a GWR ‘Star’ on train with LNWR liveried 4 wheeled coaches in the background in the mid 1920’s. The author is trying to unravel some mysteries in the photograph.
The Welsh Railway Archive. Vol.3 No.4 – November 2001
213Swansea Docks Revisited”. 2 pages, map and photograph of Swansea South Dock taken circa. 1865. Part of the Llanelly Railway is in the background, worked by the LNWR from July 1871.
The Welsh Railway Archive. Vol.3 No.4 – November 2001
214Totternhoe Quarries”. 4 page feature on the internal railway system at the chalk quarries near Stanbridgeford with brief reference to traffic forwarded via the ex-LNWR Leighton Buzzard – Dunstable line.
Railway Bylines. Vol.7 No.5 – April 2002
215Heads of the Valleys”. Article by Desmond Coakham. Photography by Desmond Coakham. 8 page feature including 12 photographs mainly from the 1950’s, about the Abergavenny – Merthyr line.
[Notes by RC: Superb photography by the author of the line in BR days, noteworthy is the signalling economy at Dowlais High St. One post carries up starter, while opposite side of post holds down home and fixed distant. The author remarks that the pressed-metal arms would often be bent around the post following high winds on this bleak, exposed part of Euston’s empire.]
[Same issue: Blaenau Festiniog: 2 photos by R.C. Riley showing the LNWR terminus and narrow gauge slate yard, photographed on 23rd July 1951.]
Railway Bylines. Vol.7 No.6 – May 2002
216Blaenau Festiniog”. 2 photographs of the ex-LNWR station in July 1951: a LNWR observation saloonExplain 'Observation Saloon' is visible.
Railway Bylines. Vol.7 No.6 – May 2002
217Dog in the Manger”. 10 page article with 14 b/w photographs about the railways of West Cumberland. Article includes appropriate references to the LNWR.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.11 No.7 – April 2002
218In Search of Bedlam”. 1 page feature with one b/w photograph and map about Bedlam Crossing near Foleshill on the Nuneaton – Coventry line.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.11 No.7 – April 2002
219Them Two Big ’oles of Smoke”. 6 page article with 6 b/w photographs about Watford Tunnel.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.11 No.7 – April 2002
220Whitehaven Bransty”. 2 page feature, including 3 photographs, about the joint LNWR/Furness station.
British Railways Illustrated. Vol.11 No.8 – May 2002
221B/w photograph of the LNWR Royal Train at Ollerton in September 1906 on the occasion of Edward VII’s visit to Doncaster races. (Locomotive is LDECR Class A 0-6-2T No.26).
BackTrack. Vol.16 No.4 – April 2002

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With thanks to Martin Smith, Chris James, and Roger Carvell

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