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London and North Western Railway Society
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Publication schedule

Issues are sent to members early in the months of March, June, September and December.

Closing dates for The Newsletter

1st February 1st May 1st August 1st November

Submit to Journal or Newsletter?

  1. The Journal is for long term reference; The Newsletter is ephemeral in comparison.
  2. Letters of a factual nature about the LNWR often suit The Journal. For example, a discussion of carriage heating systems, with a query about shut-off valves.
  3. Only The Newsletter is for social and administration items.
  4. Only The Newsletter is for modelling items, except just possibly historical items dating from the time of the LNWR.

The name of our publications

Note the lack of the Society name in the publication titles. This is deliberate. Some years ago when the publications were overhauled and much improved, we decided to drop the old names (Premier Lines and Premier News). We wished to keep the idea of the premier railway and we borrowed a trick from yesteryear.

In days past, British institutions such as the Post Office did not start out by calling themselves the British Post Office: everyone was supposed to know there was only one Post Office that mattered – the British one. And so it is with the London and North Western Railway – the Premier Line, the railway. Hence our brief titles. Silly pride? Well, no harm done.

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