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London and North Western Railway Society
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Sending items to The Newsletter

Written notes Not preferred.
Typed notes Acceptable, but not dot-matrix printer, or poor typewriter, as these won’t scan so well.
on disk
Preferred! (floppy or zip, IBM format please).
Emails Preferred! (but no large attachments (>500 Kb) without prior warning, please).
Colour photos No problem – but will be produced in B/W.
B/W photos No problem.
Xeroxed photos Usually unusable.
Newspaper pictures Usually unusable.

If you send material such as photos please mention if you don’t need the items returned. Photos, magazines, disks, etc. all get sent back eventually. Emails are not usually acknowledged unless they need a reply.

Editor: Dave Pennington
28 Quebec Gardens, Blackwater, Camberley, Surrey, GU17 9DE

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