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This page is a list of Railway Periodicals. A few general railway periodicals are also listed as they have some LNWR content.

The links on this page go to other hosts and are beyond the control of the LNWR Society.
The Society does not endorse these Companies/Products, and the brief description has been obtained from their web site — caveat emptor (the principle that the buyer is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before purchase).

If want your own site listed on this page please complete this form.

If you discover a broken link e-mail the Webb Master.

BackTrack Link to BackTrack
 Britain’s leading historical railway monthly. BackTrack was founded in August 1986 with the aim of presenting “quality, well-researched articles on British railway history”. From the outset there has been strong emphasis on the use of colour. The magazine has been described as “packed full of solid information, written by people who know their business, and totally devoid of rose-tinted waffle.”

British Railways Illustrated Link to British Railways Illustrated
 You’ll Remember Those Black and White Days…

Garden Rail Link to Garden Rail
 Aimed at established ‘converts’ to the hobby, as well as those yet to desert their indoor layouts and discover the real potential of large-scale modelling in an outdoor setting.

Model Rail Link to Model Rail
 Model Rail has a fresh new approach to model railway magazines; it shows you how to get the best from your hobby. Essential reading for anyone interested in railway modelling.

Modern Railways Link to Modern Railways
 Modern Railways provides the up to the minute information of the latest industry events. Dedicated to comprehensive professional coverage of railway operations in Britain and overseas, Modern Railways is highly respected for its combination of news, views and in depth analysis.

Narrow Gauge World Link to Narrow Gauge World
 Appealing to the railway enthusiast, photographer and traveller, the wealth of accurate detail in Narrow Gauge World means that it is also increasingly purchased by modellers – who have their own section in the magazine.

Rail Link to Rail
 Britain’s number one modern railway magazine. Rail brings you the most up-to-date news, comment and analysis, which is unbiased, informed and candid. Its comprehensive coverage and award-winning editorial means Rail is a must for anyone interested in today’s railways.

Railway Bylines Link to Railway Bylines
 The magazine devoted to branch lines, industrial railways, narrow gauge, light railways, Irish railways and those intriguing little nooks, crannies and hidey-holes of the railway network.

The Railway Observer Link to The Railway Observer
 The Railway Observer reports the railway as it is without the banner headlines, the political bias or the commercial pressures. The house magazine of the RCTS.

Railway World Link to Railway World
 Railway World is a long established, authoritative monthly magazine produced to the highest standards. Devoted to carrying all the latest news and views on the current railway scene, Railway World is highly respected by industry professionals and enthusiasts alike for its accurate and topical coverage of railway matters.

Steam Days Link to Steam Days
 Within the twelve issues of Steam Days published every year we cater for the interests of all steam railway enthusiasts. Articles include railway history, railwaymen’s reminiscences, enthusiasts’ nostalgic memories, articles on particular locomotive types, articles on special workings, and photo-features including the work of many famous and well-known railway photographers.

Steam Railway Link to Steam Railway
 Every month, Steam Railway captures the true essence of steam, with in depth news coverage on main line, narrow gauge and preserved railways. Its lively features are both authoritative and refreshing and combined with scintillating photography.
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