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Modelling Commercial

If you did not know where you could get that widget for your model, this is the place to come to. We particularly list sources of LNWR specific materials, but also a few very well stocked general modelling sites.

The links on this page go to other hosts and are beyond the control of the LNWR Society.
The Society does not endorse these Companies/Products, and the brief description has been obtained from their web site — caveat emptor (the principle that the buyer is responsible for checking the quality and suitability of goods before purchase).

If want your own site listed on this page please complete this form.

If you discover a broken link e-mail the Webb Master.

51L Link to 51L 4mm
 We are a manufacturer of 4mm wagons, vans and carriages in white metal and etched brass. We have a considerable number of LNWR carriages and some non passenger coaching stock in our range.

Acme Models Link to Acme Models 2mm 4mm 7mm, 10mm
 Acme specialise in manufacturing British Outline Model Railways in ‘O’ Gauge and ‘Gauge 1’. The Kits are Etched Brass Bodies and N/Silver Chassis, with Lost Wax Brass and White Metal Detailing Castings, manufactured to a very high standard.

Aster Hobbies Limited Link to Aster Hobbies Limited
 Aster Hobbies Ltd are the sole importer and distributor of Gauge One models and kits manufactured by the Aster Hobby Co. Inc. of Yokohams, Japan.

Brassmasters Link to Brassmasters 4mm
 Manufacturers of high quality model railway kits and accessories in 4mm scale.

British Outline Buildings Link to British Outline Buildings 1, G
 Scale model building kits in weatherproof polyresin for outdoor garden use and indoor display.These models are designed to create a 'British' atmosphere for garden railways in Gauge One, and G-Scale.

Caley Coaches Link to Caley Coaches 4mm (some 7mm)
 Specialises in producing high quality kits for Caledonian Railway loco and coach kits. Some of the latter would be seen south of the border in pre-group days and later wandered far and wide. All kits produced in photo-etched and investment cast brass.

Claridge Locos Link to Claridge Locos HO, OO, TT
 Online shop bringing you top quality model railway products from Marklin, Hornby and a few small manufactorers. Secure payment with PayPal.

Coach Kits Link to Coach Kits 2mm N
 The kit are based on the Stanier LMS/BR Series III coaching stock. They are plastic injection moulded, they are easy and quick to assemble, the main parts just clip together.

Dave’s Models Link to Dave’s Models 10mm
 Gauge 1 LNWR Model Kits.

David Andrews Link to David Andrews 7mm
 Top rated 'O' Gauge kits for LNWR locomotives, including the Premier Line's premier locomotive, the original 'Claughton'. Also available are the 'George V' and 'Super D'. For the LMS period the Large Boiler 'Claughton' is also produced.

Dewal Toys Models & Miniatures Link to Dewal Toys Models & Miniatures 4mm
 Online store selling 'OO' gauge Hornby and Heljan model railway locomotives, carriages and wagons.

Exactoscale limited Link to Exactoscale limited 4mm, 7mm
 We have created this site to provided information for some of our products which will be of interest to the finescale modeller.

C+L Finescale Link to C+L Finescale 2mm, 4mm, 7mm
 4mm + 7mm Track building components – Slaters 4mm range – Cooper Craft 4mm + 7mm range.

FourTrack Models Link to FourTrack Models 4mm, 7mm
 Kits are etched brass and nickel silver with cast whitemetal and brass fittings. Wheels, motor and gear set required to complete.

Fox Railway Livery Products Link to Fox Railway Livery Products 2mm, 4mm, 7mm, 10mm, 13.5mm ++
 Our range of transfers for model railway liveries provides a wide range of subjects and gauges.

Alan Gibson Model Productions Link to Alan Gibson Model Productions 4mm
 Listings cover items suitable for P4 modelling.

Hobby Exchange Link to Hobby Exchange Assorted
 Items for sale and items wanted - kits, locos, tools, control systems. All scales from Z to garden railways. This is a free service to railway modellers - it’s what Hobby Exchange was created for and remains the central part of the site.

Hobby Holidays Link to Hobby Holidays

Hobby Holidays Model Railway Workshops

At Hobby Holidays we offer a relaxing environment in which to learn new skills and develop your existing talents. We employ expert tutors with oodles of patience to help you progress without stress.

Holt Model Railways Link to Holt Model Railways 2mm, 4mm, 7mm
 Long Established (1969) Mail Order and Retail Company covering Gauges ‘00’, ‘HO’, ‘N’, ‘0’, ‘HoE/009N’. All our Staff have to be experienced in Railway Modelling and have a good Historical Knowledge of UK Railways.

Home of ‘O’ Gauge Link to Home of ‘O’ Gauge 7mm
 Europe’s largest stockist in of ‘O’ Gauge model railway kits and parts for the serious enthusiast.

Just Like The Real Thing Link to Just Like The Real Thing 7mm, 10mm
 The scale model railway manufacturer owned by Pete Waterman. The company specialises in kits of uncompromised quality and unparalleled accuracy.

Langley Models Link to Langley Models OO, O, OO9, HO, N
 Miniature Models OO, O, OO9, HO, N Scale and More. For Loco’s, Railroad, Military, Buildings etc in many different time periods

London Road Models Link to London Road Models 4mm
 Designing and manufacturing 4mm etched kits since 1990. The emphasis is on the pre-grouping period up to 1923.

Masokits Masterbits Range Link to Masokits Masterbits Range 4mm
 Etched 4mm parts for detailing fanatics.

Mercian Models Link to Mercian Models 3.5, 4, 7 and 10 mm
 Produce high quality kits of railway locomotives and rolling stock. All locomotive kits have nickel silver chassis, etched brass bodies, lost wax brass and whitemetal fittings unless otherwise stated.

Model Signal Engineering Link to Model Signal Engineering 2mm 4mm 7mm 10mm 16mm
 The world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of British outline semaphore signalling parts for model railways.

Northstar Design Link to Northstar Design 7mm

Northstar produce etched kits. Northstar Design have now ended their 7 mm coach range - however it has been taken over by Gladiator Models and their website shows that a good range of 7mm LNWR coach kits is to be re-introduced shortly.

However see Northstar for Larry goddard's range of LMS coaches.

Old Originals Link to Old Originals Gauge 1 10mm
 Kit for LNWR ‘Crewe Type’ 2-4-0’s and 2-2-2’s and rolling stock. Kit building service available.

Old Time Workshop Link to Old Time Workshop 4mm to 7žin
 Home to the former Jackson Evans range of LNWR name & numberplates in 4mm scale. Also a wide range of waterslide transfers, etched detailling parts and kits for the railway modeller and model engineer.

Parkside Dundas Link to Parkside Dundas 4mm 7mm
 Parkside Dundas produce an extensive range of rolling stock kits, mostly wagons from the post group period.

PNP Railways Link to PNP Railways 7¼in
 PNP Railways can offer four delightful LNWR live steam locomotives, these are all inside cylinder engines and are based around a common cylinder block and valve chest.

Roxey Mouldings Link to Roxey Mouldings 4mm, 7mm
 Roxey Mouldings have been manufacturing fine-scale model railway kits since 1972. Also sell LNWR colour paints.

Scottish Scale Loco Works Link to Scottish Scale Loco Works 7mm
 Producers of hand crafted limited edition model Scottish Steam Locomotives in 0 Gauge and Gauge 1. Built in Scotland by Scotsmen, to the same exacting standards that made Scottish Railway engineering famous throughout the world.

Side Lines Models Link to Side Lines Models 7mm
 Side Lines is a company which specialises in the construction of specific scale model railway coaches for railway enthusiasts.

Slater’s (Plastikard) Ltd Link to Slater’s (Plastikard) Ltd 2mm 4mm 7mm 10mm 16mm
 Slater’s Plastikard Ltd, is a UK Market leader in the production of kits for an extensive range of model railway wagons, carriages and locomotives, as well as the supply of lost wax cast brass fittings for modellers.

Tower Models Link to Tower Models 4mm, 7mm 10mm
 Wide range of kits and materials. Includes some LNWR rolling stock and locomotives.

Tracklay Sales Link to Tracklay Sales Various
 Suppliers of Tracklay Ballasting system. As reviewed in Hornby Magazine April 2008. A 1.5mm thick (Z gauge is 0.8mm thick) grey closed cell foam underlay with a high grab adhesive coating which holds your ballast chips indefinitely. Makes track ballasting quick and easy.

Ultrascale Products Link to Ultrascale Products 4mm
 On this web site you will find information about Ultrascale products. Ultrascale is the name under which a range of 4mm scale items for modelling British outline steam and diesel locomotives is produced.

The Wagon & Carriage Works Link to The Wagon & Carriage Works 2mm, 4mm, 7mm, 10mm
 The Wagon & Carriage Works produce a huge range of etched brass/white metal kits in Gauge ‘O’ and Gauge One.

Wagon Sheets Link to Wagon Sheets Various
 Manufacturer of wagon sheets for 2mm, 3mm, 4mm and 7mm scale wagons. Various companies including the L&NWR.

Williams’ Models Link to Williams’ Models G3
 A new manufacturrer of kits for Gauge 3 (2.5in Gauge). At present the range is small and includes only a few LNWR wagons. Kits have one-piece cast resin bodies with cast brass, whitemetal and etched fittings. They are sprung.

Wizard Models Link to Wizard Models 4mm
 We specialist in providing specialist kits, components, paints, and transfers for the fellow model railway enthusiast.

Worsley Works Link to Worsley Works 3mm, 4mm, 5.5mm, 7mm, 15mm and 16mm
 We specialise in producing high quality etched brass model railway kits in the scales most others ignore.
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