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Glossary Results for Word "Stephenson’s Valve Gear"

Stephenson’s Valve Gear A steam-engine valve-gearExplain 'Valve Gear' which is usually located between the main framesExplain 'Frame' of a locomotive. Motion is taken from two eccentricsExplain 'Eccentric' secured to one of the driving axlesExplain 'Drive Axle'. From these, two rods (the eccentric rodsExplain 'Eccentric Rod') are connected to either end of a link (the expansion linkExplain 'Expansion Link'), which is thus oscillated. Movement of the valve spindleExplain 'Valve Spindle' is taken from a die blockExplain 'Die Block' which is free to slide within the expansion link. Reversal is carried out by moving the expansion link bodily, so that the die block takes up a new position at the other end of its slide.