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Modelling Day 2016

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Photographs from the 2016 Modelling Day at the Study Centre.

Photographs and captions supplied by David Bond and Richard Foster - Thanks gents !

If you wish to comment on photo's taken at this event then please do so on the forum


Click on a picture to see a larger version.

'Some of the locomotives of Clarendon Fame visited in the care of John Gower, and they produced some impressive results on the test track'
'John Gower‘s open cab Crewe Special tank'
'John Gower‘s Locomotive ’Sultan‘ produced a test track result which would see her being able to pull a dozen coaches with capacity to spare'
'Some early 4 wheel carriages built by Geoff Williams and brought along for display by Bob'
'The rear three wagons of the Aylesbury Ballast train, illustrating the eye for detail that Geoff possessed'
'Bringing up the rear of the ballast train is a 5 compartment 6 wheel workman‘s carriage '
'Some of Geoff Williams stock including a runner wagon as converted from a ratio kit by Geoff, brought along by Bob Williams adorns Dave Pennington‘s Lime Street'
'PC Carriages and wagons built by David Bond feature at the rear while Philip Millard’s carriages and a visiting L&Y Dreadnaught comprise the front two rows. Some of Dave Pennington‘ss NPCS nestle between the two collections, flanked at each end by a carriage'
'The replica L&NWR Cinema as built by John Mileson stands proud at the end of the table'
'Roger Stapleton and David Patrick discuss locomotive details in the rear while Philip Holme, Peter Stanton, Steve Johns, Bob Williams and Philip Holme share conversation around the lunch table'
'Roger Stapleton‘s fine collection of locomotives on display including his latest work in progress'
'Dave Pennington‘s six wheelers are to the fore whilst on the end of the goods train are two current works in progress, the most interesting being a Mousa Models D39 Glass wagon '
'Geoff Williams beautifully painted Ratio 50FT carriages and six wheel dining car stand on the line in front of Edge Hill Signal Box Number 1'
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