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Photographs from the 2015 Modelling Day at the Study Centre.

Managed to drop in to this event for a couple of hours, really needed more time to
look at the models and chat to various people. Well attended event, informal with many
excellent models. Definitely recommend attending next year.

With the rush (ok too much time spent chatting) didn't have chance to note down who was the owner of which models. So rather than individually name will just say the following selection are from members present including :-
David Bond, David Viewing, Roger Stapleton, Dave Pendleton, John Redrup,
David Pennington and Philip Millard.

If you wish to comment on photo's taken at this event then please do so on the forum
Although any corrections to captions please contact me via the WebbMaster link below.


Click on a picture to see a larger version.

'Philip Millard in front of his donated gauge 1 models (Come and see 2 of them at Kidderminster)'
'John Redrup having recently returned from his speed read course'
'Not a meeting as such, more an informal gathering. Although what are while David B and Roger cooking up in the kitchen ?

Note having had a good life was not a requirement for attendance'

Dave Pennington's Edge Hill layout

Selection of models - starting with three Bill Baileys

Appears to be an interloper in one column
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