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AGM Crewe 2016

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A selection of photos from the 2016 AGM at Crewe

The AGM started at 11.30am and finished about an hour later. Members then had time to visit Martin O’Shea’s emporium where photographs, books and other desirable articles relating to the Premier Line were on sale, and then headed for the bar where an excellent lunch was available. Some were seen in the reception area deep in discussion of a large photograph on the wall of two Georges entering Crewe Works with the Royal Train in 1913. This photograph was donated recently to the Hotel by the Society as being more suitable than a photograph of a locomotive of a certain other railway previously displayed there.

Other members were overheard debating the pros and cons of straight rocker arms, the design of blast pipes on George the Fifths and the fittings of Webb compounds.
In the afternoon the Hon Secretary had arranged a visit to the former Crewe Diesel Depot now belonging to the London & North Western Railway Heritage Co Ltd and converted into a locomotive repair depot — Crewe Works Number Two, if you like — and found it to be a light, modern well equipped works, with enthusiastic competent management, which gives every confidence in the future of steam traction on the main line.

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