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Rugely Steam up 2015

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A selection of photos from the Annual Society Steam Up September 26th 2015

For a number of years now, have been asking Ken Wood - the organiser of this event - to send me some photographs. Finally gave in and did what he politely suggested.
It was hosted by the Rugely Power Station Model Engineering Society within the grounds of the power station. Was expected a bit of an industrial environment, power stations not being decorative sites, but was far enough away and surrounded by trees to make a wonderful setting. They have a long track, making for a good ride. More details on their site Rugeley Power Station Society of Model Engineers
The first thing noticed was the lack of non-engineering visitors - where were you ? All society members invited and the chance to see and ride behind some of the best locomotives in the world should bring in more people. The hosts were extremely welcoming and the food - hot dogs and beefburgers were delicious. This is the second Steam Up we (child and I) have attended and he seemed to be forever riding round.
There was one Problem - an absolute beauty, but did wonder about the other 'single' and why was that the only engine that Ted Talbot rode behind ! Will forgive David Viewing however, as it is such a classy looking, smooth running loco !
Additional Photos and captions by Ted Talbot.
Coming soon - event videos.

We must thank our hosts, who gave exclusive running rights to the visitors engines, all owners that brought their engines for running or display, and of course a special well done to Ken Wood for organising it again this year.

If you wish to comment on photo's taken at this event then please do so on the forum.


Click on a picture to see a larger version.

Not the industrial setting had expected - station and setup area on the left hand side. On the right, the football pitches for first half return between these trees and a full sized branch/freight line.

Earliest engine on display, Rainhill, with owner David Arnold

Class D by Mike Barnet coaling ready for next run, then passengers loaded

Started or starting - then a view into Tony Holdsworth's G1 Cab

Tony Holdsworth's almost completed Class G1 on display

Jumbo Lady Joan with owner Derek Morris. On the right focus on the Jumbo, try to ignore whats behind it.

George Vth Ptarmigan No. 1681 and another engine ?

Mike the proud owner of show’s star Problem No. 291 ‘Prince Of Wales’ as rebuilt by Webb in the 1890’s and Ted Talbot

Children of all ages enjoy the rides, yes it‘s MR but what an engine

Left : Here member David Viewing, who puts on a an excellent display of Gauge1 models every year at the LNWR Society‘s August gathering at Kidderminster, shows his ability to handle a large scale too and drives a 5in gauge Midland 4-2-2. The passenger at the rear is Laurence Weston who is to be thanked for his hard work in supporting our Webb master.(“yeah’ right says web...)
Right : Here Roger Bell drives his lovely ‘Jumbo’ No. 1482 Herschel with passengers Brenda Lawson and John Chambers.

Left : Photo shows our member Mike Jones of Colwyn Bay driving his ‘Problem’ class 2-2-2 No. 291 Prince of Wales with two members as passengers, Mike Armstrong, modeller in gauges 1 and 0, and Brian Hayes, our chairman
Right : Here Mike Jones of Colwyn Bay driving his ‘Problem’ 2-2-2 No. 291 Prince of Wales with Steam Up organiser, Ken Wood, casting a professional eye on his driving technique!

Left : Again Mike Jones of Colwyn Bay driving his ‘Problem’ 2-2-2 No. 291 Prince of Wales but this time with a more substantial load top haul!

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