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Kidderminster 2015

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A selection of photos from the 2015 Kidderminster open day.

Attended this event with two of Philip Millard's recently donated locomotives - both marvellous Webb compounds. They were very well received - we must use them at exhibitions, people would be drawn straight to the stand ! As an event it was excellent with a good selection of models, demonstrations/displays, trade stands and talks. In many ways the event represents the varied interests of the members. There was the best of research and modelling with all their overlap in a wonderful setting. Perhaps most important was the friendly relaxed atmosphere where people were serious about the subject but were there because they enjoyed sharing their knowledge and experiences - judge for yourselves with these photos.

An interesting mix of visitors - from the society, non-members interested in the LNWR, as well as families 'dropping in'. Special thanks and a well done to Ted Talbot for organising it again this year.

If you wish to comment on photo's taken at this event then please do so on the forum.


Click on a picture to see a larger version.

Special thanks to Trevor of Mercian models for his expert advice on photographing the Greater Britain models. Thought had taken pictures of him at his stand but on downloading he did not appear in any of them - my apologies for that.

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