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A selection of photos from the 2015 AGM Held at Crewe.

If you wish to comment on photo's taken at this event then please do so on the forum If suggest hold a caption competition would we get any entries this time ? The best entry may be published - but of course the Webb Master's decision is final and discussion will be confined to the forum.


Click on a picture to see a larger version.

'New secretary - Ian Mathews considers this is his first AGM as secretary'
'Treasurer - Martin O'Keeffe enjoys the response to his explanation of another complex point on finances'
'Trustee/Newsletter editor - Tony Gillam smiling in mistaken belief this photographer could do some of the newsletter'
'Trustee - Francis Pearce admits to having been a member for a few years and how useful he will be to the committee"
'Trustee - Ted Talbot looks happy - the AGM or the company of friends afterwards ?'
'Chairman - Brian Hayes presents Dave Pennington with gift for his many years of service to the Society'
'Dave Pennington checks the labels - smiles as discover contents'
'Selfie from the young photographer (Unofficial Assistant Webbmaster !)'
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