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(Pass) 16.9.1957
(Gds) 4.11.1963
Tattenhall; Broxton; Malpas; Grindley Brook Halt (opened 1938); Whitchurch (opened 1858).
Signal Boxes
Tattenhall Junction, Broxton, Malpas, Chester Junction.
Loco shed
Whitchurch four-track sub-shed to Crewe North 5A (opened 1883 closed 1957).

The LNWR opened this branch in 1872 to link the Crewe to Chester and Crewe to Shrewsbury lines. On weekdays in 1910 there were seven trains in each direction reducing to five three years before closure.

Route when open
The line diverged from the Chester to Crewe line at Tattenhall Junction (SJ471600) four miles SE of Chester and headed south bridging the Chester to Whitchurch road (A41) south of Tattenhall and passing under the A534 at Broxton station. For most of the six miles from Tattenhall it was climbing at around 1 in 115 reaching the summit of the line south of Malpas.

Tattenhall Station                                                                   © Ralph Rawlinson

Malpas Station.                                                                        © Ralph Rawlinson Between Broxton and Malpas the line kept close company with the A41 to Malpas then passed under it just north of Grindley Brook Halt where it bridged the Llangollen branch of the Shropshire Union Canal with its flight of six locks and entered Shropshire. It then turned SE for two miles passing under the A49 before joining the Crewe to Shrewsbury line at Chester Junction (SJ550419) a quarter mile north of Whitchurch station.

Route today
Unfortunately most underbridges have been demolished necessitating a fight through hedges to regain the trackbed with many barbed wire fences to be crossed. At Grindley Brook Farm 525432 it disappears into fields reappearing after about a quarter of a mile at SJ530428. To avoid an impassable cutting beyond Tarporley Rd overbridge and private gardens at SJ537427, cross the B5476 and follow the edge of the golf course belonging to Hill Valley Golf Club for half a mile. A lot of time is needed for this difficult walk.

Tattenhall station building demolished 2003, station house residence with down platform intact; Broxton demolished - site now a picnic area; Malpas privately restored as offices, space between platforms infilled; Grindley Brook Halt demolished - no trace; Whitchurch still open (Crewe to Shrewsbury line).

Gatesheath bridge (+ two strengthening piers) carrying Newton Lane in place; Tattenhall abutment only of bridge over Chester Rd; Tattenhall bridge (+ two strengthening piers) carrying Frogg Lane in place; Chowley: bridge over Whitchurch Rd (A41) abutments only; Chowley Oak Lane abutments only; Duckington: bridge carrying Tilston Lane in place; Malpas: bridge over Witney Lane abutments only; overbridge at High Ash Farm in place; Grindley Brook bridge carrying A41 in place; Grindley Brook bridge over SU Canal in place; Whitchurch: bridge carrying Tarporley Rd B5476 (was A49) infilled; bridge over Alport Rd missing; bridge carrying Black Park Rd in place.

Loco shed
Whitchurch (SJ551415) on east side of of Whitchurch station demolished 1966 - site now a garden.

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